About Us

About Us

About Us

Improved Quality.
Sustainable Costs.

We know it’s possible to take better care of people while improving one’s financial bottom line. We’ve done it at Geisinger and we’re helping other health care providers and insurers do it, too.

We work with customers who are committed to high quality, value-based care. Risk-based payment arrangements are becoming the new norm, and we help our customers succeed under risk- and performance-based payment arrangements.

We’re powered by Geisinger.

We have roots in one of America’s most innovative and successful health systems, Geisinger Health System, and our clinician-led management team has had multi-dimensional experience at Geisinger and other leading institutions.

Our approach to healthcare transformation has been developed, tested and refined at Geisinger over nearly twenty years. Our methods have been proven to improve quality of care and population health while reducing cost of care not only at Geisinger, but also at several other health systems.

We’re here for the long haul.

Healthcare transformation is complex, so it doesn’t happen overnight. Given the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, health systems cannot afford to waste time or money before getting started. xG Health Solutions can accelerate your successful healthcare transformation.