ProvenCare Webinar

ProvenCare Webinar

Reliable Care – Every Patient, Every Time: ProvenCare® Approaches from Geisinger and xG Health

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 12:30 – 2:00PM EDT


Designed to deliver the right care at the right time, ProvenCare® is xG Health’s solution to provide quality and consistency for certain medical procedures and services. Following national guidelines, clinical trials, and studies, our team of clinicians has identified best practice elements to improve the quality and efficiency of care and eliminate unnecessary tests and procedures. Key features of ProvenCare® include its ability to become embedded into the EHR, to provide decision support for the care team, and to ensure that care is given in the most efficient and consistent manner possible. xG Health offers a number of ProvenCare® Acute modules (coronary artery bypass graft, total hip arthroplasty, hip fragility, total knee arthroplasty, and perinatal care) and ProvenCare® Chronic and Prevention modules (diabetes management and adult prevention). The ProvenCare® approach can be used to create bundled payments and to implement the necessary redesign components that increase the likelihood of success when taking risks with bundled payment arrangements.

Geisinger Health System is cited nationally for innovative healthcare delivery. Geisinger’s ProvenCare® model delivers improved clinical outcomes, increased patient and provider satisfaction, reduced readmissions, and reduced cost of care. xG Health Solutions, Inc., an independent company that came out of Geisinger, has become the primary distributor of Geisinger’s intellectual property and expertise to other healthcare systems committed to value-based care.


1. Overview and goals of ProvenCare® – Driving outcomes and reducing readmissions through quality and standardization
2. Key components and success of ProvenCare® Acute
3. Key components and success of ProvenCare® Chronic and Prevention
4. Where to focus and how to get started

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