We don’t just talk about improving performance – we’ve done it.

We have a track record of:

  • Improving quality of care.
  • Improving clinical outcomes.
  • Reducing cost of care
  • Improving patient and provider satisfaction.
  • Strengthening healthcare providers financial situation under risk-based payments.

Proven Results – Outside as Well as Inside of Geisinger

Our case studies show that our partners can achieve industry-leading results across a range of geographies and population profiles.

Featured Case Studies

  • Implemented Advanced Medical Homes,
  • Provided trained case managers,
  • Reduced admission and readmission rates by 16%+,
  • Reduced cost by $4.68 per member per month (pmpm).


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  • Analyzed Medicare data to guide re-engineering of care,
  • Implemented xG case management strategy,
  • Reduced total cost of care by $499 per beneficiary per year (~5%) – resulting in EMHS being 1 of 13 Pioneer ACOs that reduced cost of care enough to share in the savings they produced.


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  • Reduced admissions by 19%
  • Reduced readmissions by 36%
  • Reduced ER visits by 13%


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For more examples of xG Health Solutions, please consult our full list of CASE STUDIES.