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xG Health was created to bring Geisinger’s expertise in healthcare delivery transformation to organizations nationwide.

We have big-picture vision and an eye for detail.

Transformation is a complex challenge. And successful value-based models have dozens of interdependent parts. That’s why health care providers and insurers are turning to xG Health. xG Health can help you with all the key essentials – value-oriented care design and delivery; action-oriented population health data analytics that capitalize on EMR as well as insurance claims data; and strategies for optimizing your financial performance under declining fee-for-service payment rates and increasing performance-based payment.

Creating your Baseline Evaluation and Roadmap

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Whether you’ve just begun to think about value-based re-engineering or are looking for further performance improvements, xG Health will help you develop a roadmap for transitioning from a volume- to a value-focus without undermining the financial strength you need to maintain to be successful.

We start by assessing your current state. We have a systematic approach for evaluating your organizational structure, governance and leadership, your approach to care delivery, contracts with payers, your current clinical and financial performance, and opportunities for improvement.

Working together, we’ll then develop an action plan that is most likely to produce the results you need. We don’t just leave you with a plan the way many consultants do, though. We help you implement it.

Redesigning care to improve quality and reduce cost

Our care design and delivery solutions will help you redesign primary, specialty, and inpatient care; implement advanced patient-centered medical homes; deploy specially trained and equipped case managers to optimize complex case management; implement condition management programs; and develop a coordinated medical neighborhood. We’ll also help you optimize your electronic health records (EHRs) to support delivery of high quality, efficient, data analytically-driven care.

Leveraging data

Healthcare providers and insurers have lots of data, but few take advantage of what they have or can get access to. xG Health brings expertise in acquisition, integration, and analysis of both insurance claims and EMR data, as well as patient-reported and other types of data. Our approach to analytics isn’t just about producing reports; we help you interpret the results of the analyses we perform and identify the actions your clinicians can take to have the most impact on quality, clinical and financial outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Examples of the types of data analyses we perform include:

  • Medical cost trend analyses and benchmarking your performance against what’s achievable,
  • Population segmentation from clinical and financial risk perspectives,
  • Identification of patient-specific gaps in care and opportunities to reduce cost of care while maintaining or improving quality,
  • Profiling of provider quality-of-care and cost-efficiency,
  • Bundled payment analytics.

Featured Case Studies

  • Implemented Advanced Medical Homes,
  • Provided trained case managers,
  • Reduced admission and readmission rates by 16%+,
  • Reduced cost by $4.68 per member per month (pmpm).



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  • Analyzed Medicare data to guide re-engineering of care,
  • Implemented xG Health case management strategy,
  • Reduced total cost of care by $499 per beneficiary per year (~5%) – resulting in EMHS being 1 of 13 Pioneer ACOs that reduced cost of care enough to share in the savings they produced.


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