Change Facilitation

True cultural transformation

Change challenges and confronts us. Healthcare organizations shifting from a fee-for-service reimbursement model to the solid ground of fee-for-value must initiate fundamental changes that will enhance their opportunities for success. Learning from Geisinger, xG Health strongly believes that such fundamentals as effective leadership, a culture of innovation and value orientation, successful alignment across key stakeholders, analytical approaches to performance measurement and compensation structure that align with goals are critical for success in the new healthcare environment.

While we may not list it as a separate stand-alone service, we have integrated effective change management techniques, principles or methods into all of our services.

In all our work with your organization we focus on establishing physician leadership with clear goals, engaging physicians and reaching consensus on best practices, involving the care team in the redesign of care delivery,measuring performance and holding staff accountable for results – a true cultural transformation.

As you begin your journey to value-based care, you may consider getting help from our experts in establishing the right governance and organizational structure. Health leaders work with you to review, observe, and provide coaching for recruitment, compensation, quality, service, and network capabilities. Developing the right governance and organizational structure is the necessary first step to prepare for a value-based system, redesign process, and implementation of advanced medical homes.