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xG provides the broad range of data management and advanced analytic services necessary to enable better decision-making, transform clinical behavior, and improve financial and operational performance. Critically, our approach to analytics isn’t just about tables, charts, and tools: it’s about interpreting data to help you make better clinical decisions that improve the performance of your healthcare system.

As always, our approach leverages Geisinger’s experience and IP delivered with close support for you throughout your process.

Data aggregation and transformation. The ability to provide accurate, relevant data is crucial to maintaining physician trust and enabling consistent outcomes. xG can give you the tools to acquire, integrate, validate, normalize, and securely store data collected from across the care continuum.

Data analysis and interpretation. Amassing sophisticated data is only half the challenge. To drive improvements in quality and cost, analysis and interpretation must be optimized. xG can help you do it with proven analytics, root cause identification, and performance metrics including:

  • Retrospective and prospective medical cost trend analyses; benchmarking; and predictive modeling for patient targeting.
  • Population segmentation from clinical and financial risk perspectives.
  • Provider profiling that measures quality-of-care and cost efficiency.
  • Identification of patient-specific gaps in care and other opportunities for improvement as well as their expected financial impact.
  • Bundled payment analytics.
  • Interpretation of results to assist executives, managers, and clinicians in understanding opportunities and overcoming obstacles.

Enabling action and transformation. xG Health works closely with providers to accelerate their transformational activities. Giving providers and patients timely, usable, actionable information is the only way to improve clinical and financial outcomes. As part of the process, xG provides the right information to every stakeholder via relevant dashboards. xG analytics experts collaborate with clinicians to identify areas for improvement and necessary interventions.

Featured Case Studies

  • Implemented Advanced Medical Homes,
  • Provided trained case managers,
  • Reduced admission and readmission rates by 16%+,
  • Reduced cost by $4.68 per member per month (pmpm).


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  • Analyzed Medicare data to guide re-engineering of care,
  • Implemented xG case management strategy,
  • Reduced total cost of care by $499 per beneficiary per year (~5%) – resulting in EMHS being 1 of 13 Pioneer ACOs that reduced cost of care enough to share in the savings they produced.


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  • Reduced admissions by 19%
  • Reduced readmissions by 36%
  • Reduced ER visits by 13%


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